US Export Business is Rising

Out of the economic downturn in the United States, the export business has begun a quick accent into profitable commerce and not a moment too soon. In the past few months, US exports have been increasing by leaps and bounds above last year's numbers. According to the Journal of Commerce, February's US export numbers are up 9.6% over last year's exports and from January to February 2012 there was a 4% increase. While this is a great sign, we may need to take a closer look at the types of commodities being exported. So what are they shipping and how is this going to get us out of the recession? One fantastic increase that has been having outstanding numbers is meat products. Reports are saying that pork has had exponential growth exporting to places like Mexico and Japan. The numbers pork exports are hitting are new records from year to year with 18% at its highest. Beef has also started increasing its potential having an almost 20% increase in volume according to the US Meat Export Federation being shipped all around the world. While this is just one example, these kinds of numbers are a key ingredient in moving the world markets forward. Many experts think that with the push of the US and the pull of the foreign countries, especially in Asia, the economy is headed in the right direction. With new free trade agreements going into effect, theoretically we should see the economy bouncing back further and faster. Only time will be able to tell how quickly the recovery will be, but it is nice to see the numbers moving in the right direction again.