Warehousing Options

Warehouses can serve multiple important functions for international freight shipping. An obvious feature of warehouses is the massive space, with the benefit being the storage space for your ocean freight shipment. The storage space can be for containers, break-bulk items and pallets for import or export. Warehouses also perform consolidations of cargo. Speak to your freight forwarder to discover how certain consolidations might save you money. Also at the warehouses, containers could be treated for fumigation, which is also an important part of international shipping.

Keep in mind not all warehouses are the same. There are different warehouse options available for ocean freight shipping. For example, one type is a consolidated warehouse. At this warehouse, loose merchandise is sent there to be packaged in a container. Sometimes, if you have a large volume, you might get an entire container, which might cost more. If you ship a smaller volume, you might be sharing the container space. Another example is a customs bonded warehouse where dutiable freight is stored here until a duty is paid in full by the shipper. The customs agency, or sometimes a private company, usually owns the customs bonded warehouse.

All warehouses are usually equipped with the best technology to ensure the security of your freight at the port. Warehousing might be a great feature for shipping, but if you need it, there are usually additional charges that are added to your ocean freight shipping rate. Make sure you plan ahead if you need warehousing to determine the best option for you.