What are Harmonize Tariff Codes

Harmonized Tariff Codes (HTS) are codes are a series of numbers that are used to describe a set commodity for import and export purposes. The first six digits of these numbers are standard throughout the world and are used to determine the customs duties that will be paid on the commodity. Shipping lines also use these numbers to determine the price for shipping the commodity. There are ten digits in total. Each number starts with 2 digits for the general category heading and then four digits for the sub category followed by 4 more digits that individual nations assign to describe further details. For instance, if the commodity is footwear, the general footwear category is called, FOOTWEAR GAITERS AND THE LIKE begins and with 64. Then 01, 02, 03, etc is added to say the type of footwear. 6401 is for waterproof footwear, rubber or plastics, bond sole. Adding more description might look like: 640191 Waterproof Footwear Covering the Knee. Then adding a metal toe cap would make it 6401.91.0800. In the US the import codes are also called Schedule B numbers and are handled by the US Census Bureau. People can get their HTS codes on the six digit level from the United States International Trade Commission and search Schedule B numbers from a link of the US Census Bureau's website. Whether importing or
exporting it is helpful to have this number available for the commodity before beginning to ship. Not only will it help determine the shipping costs, but it will help to have it set for the customs brokers clearing the shipment.