What does NOI mean for my freight?

If you're in the shipping business, chances are almost certain that you've come across NMFC numbers. Just as certain is the struggle you've occasionally had on finding an appropriate classification for the freight in question. You scrolled through pages and pages of classes and NFMC numbers, and found that your freight simply doesn't seem to fit into any category. Fortunately, the folks at the NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) have thought of this, and the solution is three letters: "NOI". This stands for "Not Otherwise Indicated".

This classification should be used with care, as most products do have their own NMFC number. Using an NOI classification can also draw extra attention from the inspections teams at your carrier's terminal. If it's found that you have used an NOI classification for freight that does in fact belong under another NMFC number, you can incur hefty rebills.

If you're unsure of your freight's classification, call the customer support team at Global Forwarding. Our friendly staff is standing by to help you in classifying your freight at (877) 287 - 0804.