What Makes Customers Choose a Trucking Carrier?

There are so many container trucking companies around that the competition has been fiercer than ever. There are no longer the loyalties to each other that companies used to enjoy. Long term
relationships do not always mean that another trucking carrier is not waiting in the wings for their shot at a customer. So what makes a good trucking company? Why would a customer choose one carrier over another? Obviously cost is a huge factor, but it is not the only factor in choosing. From the customer's point of view, there are several aspects of trucking that are essential to their business. One of the biggest things a customer will look for is: Can this company handle the cargo we have to ship? Whether there are special circumstances like hazardous materials or an extremely large volume of containers shipping at once, the customer first needs to find a company who will be able to handle the process. Once they find companies in the right realm, they can look at things like trust. Are you a reputable company? Can you prove it? Customers will be calling your references and looking at everything your company can bring to the table. Where are your offices in relationship to the port and that of the customer? How many drivers are available and are they owner operators? A smaller company might not care very much about the drivers, but a larger company might have more
considerations for their shipments. Although the economy has changed dramatically and cost is certainly a top consideration, customers are still looking for the good service and reliable trucking companies to move their cargo.