When is LCL Worth the Price?

One of the hardest things about manufacturing and importing is determining if your company is getting the best possible price for international freight shipping services.  Most importing companies are not related to the shipping industry and as a result they are relying on outside sources to get their information. The new online rate quoting websites that have recently come out by international cargo shipping companies can definitely help, but how do you know which way to ship and if the shipment you are sending should be sent as a full container or LCL? Everyone knows that LCL is extreme pricing comparatively speaking, but if you cannot get loaded into a groupage, then LCL may be your only hope for keeping international shipping costs low.

It is important to note that the ocean freight rates that are quoted to you are not always all inclusive and may have additional surcharges on top of the base ocean rate. That being said, if you have less than half of a container to load, LCL will generally be the best way to ship your cargo. Many shipping carriers will work with you on your price if you regularly ship full containers with them or if you have a specific volume amount that you are willing to commit to. Generally speaking, LCL is only used when there are no less expensive options available. It can be a costly way to ship, but getting the product in and on time can be more important than waiting for more of your cargo to be ready to ship.

LCL Shipping is especially worth it if you conduct frequent shipping and you receive a good LCL Shipping rate to ship to and from any port in the World.