Which type of Cargo Container Should I Use?

There are all different types of cargo shipping containers for all different kinds of cargo. Which shipping container to use will obviously depend on the type of cargo you are shipping and how much of it. For many people, this is a no brainer. You have a certain amount of cartons or pallets and will need to move it in a 20’ container or 40’ standard container.  But for many companies, it is not that easy. Maybe their cargo is over weight or out of gauge and they cannot use the standard containers or even a 40’ high cube container to move their product.

For seriously overweight or way out of gauge cargo, shippers may need to use an artificial tween deck or even a RoRo (roll on roll off) service. Otherwise, they will need to figure out the dimensions and figure out what will be appropriate. For most this would be either an open top container or a flat rack. There is a common misconception that an open top container is just that: completely open. This is not actually the case. While an open top container is open, it also has rungs that go across called bows that keep the structural integrity of the container in tact. This can inhibit someone shipping a taller item since the bows are necessary even if they do not want to use a tarpaulin covering. Therefore, with most out of gauge cargo, it is easier to use a flat rack.

No matter which type of container you intend to use, be sure to check all aspects of the container to ensure it is right for your freight. You my even want to discuss it with your freight forwarder before shipping if this is a new item for your company. Knowing in advance what your limitations are can save you both time and money later on.