Why choose to ship freight by rail?

Many companies who ship large volume shipments or full truckload shipments are unaware how easy and advantageous it can be to move freight via rail. Most of the main rail freight providers in the US offer door to door service, not just boxcar and bulk services. Rail freight can be significantly cheaper than moving freight by truck, and because of the operational stability of railways, shippers can avoid equipment shortages and increased rates during certain seasons.

Not all shipments are candidates for rail transport. Certain hazardous materials cannot be shipped on trains, and transit times can be slightly longer than FTL options (usually just by 2-3 days). Rail shipments are often called Intermodal shipments, because they are moved from origin to destination by both rail cars and trucks. Trains use approximately 3 times less fuel than trucks, so the savings you'll realize in fuel surcharges alone can be significant! In addition, intermodal transportation is better for the environment and can help to reduce greenhouse gasses.

GlobalForwarding.com can provide a free analysis of your FTL shipments, to help determine which shipments might be candidates for an intermodal shipment. Once we've identified the lanes that would be eligible, we can provide rate quotes to help customers determine the potential savings. Contact us todat at (877) 287-0804 to get started, or to get an Intermodal quote on an upcoming shipment.