Why Shipping by Truck is Popular

Domestic shippers widely prefer trucking as their preferred method of transportation, and Freight Forwarders supply great shipping by truck rates, but there is news that freight trucking will continue to increase for the next 10+ years.

A recent report from the American Trucking Association (ATA) entitled US Freight Forecast to 2024, predicts an increase in the freight moved by trucks and for trucking, which currently transports about 68.5% of all the US Freight, that trucking will transport 70.8% by 2024. While airfreight and ocean freight shipping are also projected to make moderate volume growth in the coming years, the anticipated growth in freight transportation by truck will dwarf those numbers. For example, Less-than-truckload volumes will continue to grow over 3% annually for the next 5 years, and then over 2% annually for the following 6 years. This data strongly suggests that the trucking industry will continue to be the most preferred method of freight transportation by shippers in the US.

What the report does not outline are the reasons why shipping by truck continues to be the most dominate form of shipping. The reasons are pretty obvious. For shippers who are looking at cutting costs and saving time with their supply chains, they realize that a domestic shipping plan makes more sense than an international plan. Freight trucking rates are often considerably less expensive than other forms of transportation. In addition, freight transported by truck arrives at the final destination quicker than sea freight. It is because of these reasons and more that shipping by truck remains popular.