Is your organization prepared for Winter?

Though it's been a mild winter so far for most of the country, it is definitely winter. Making sure that your company and supply chain are prepared for winter storms is important to ensuring that your clients remain happy and your employees and assets remain safe. While we typically discuss topics specifically related to freight and logistics in our blog, this post can apply to all types of businesses.

One of the best ways to protect your organization is to have a preparedness discussion with your team. Discuss things like how employees will be notified if bad weather strikes, what constitutes a closure of your facility, and how essential operations will function if employees are off unexpectedly. Some companies select a handfull of employees who are willing to connect VOIP phones in their home, for use during days when the office must close unexpectedly. Having a core staff available to answer incoming calls and coordinate with the other employees can be a great way to make sure that your customers know what's going on, and that the entire team is on the same page. In addition, many companies have invested in websites which allow a senior-level staff member or owner to instantly post messages to the homepage right from their smartphones. This allows both staff and customers to see real-time updates about closures, delayed openings, interruptions in customer service and order processing and more.

It's a great idea to go a step further, and make sure that your employees have made sufficient preparedness plans of their own. Things like an extra supply of drinking water, a first aid kit, a battery powered radio, portable heater and extra non-perishable food can make a big difference during a snow emergency when the power may go out, travel may be difficult or impossible and emergency services can be delayed or unable to reach them.

Similarly, have plans for what would happen if your team needed to stay at work because of an emergency. Having food, water and toiletries available can take up a tiny part of your office or warehouse, but can be a tremendous resource during an emergency.

Taking a some time to prepare and plan for unforseen circumstances is always a good idea, but in the winter months, it's especially critical.