Why Opt for Well Reputed Cargo Agent for Secure Cargo Handling?

One of the best cargo agent in USA

Transport Company Global Forwarding is one of the best cargo agent in USA and provides a full complex of transport services: car freight, air freight and ocean freight oversized and heavy cargo and more. Having our own fleet and highly skilled specialists of all categories: from drivers to dispatchers allows us to perform quality work, quickly and provide the best rates for shipping all kinds of vehicles! If you need cargo handling - depend upon us! We will deliver your cargo to the destination as soon as possible and without losses.

Cargo handling

Cargo handling with Global Forwarding - it's safe! Park of new cars and skilled drivers allow us to fulfill all its obligations. Transport of food, beverage, equipment, building materials - we are all done within a certain period of time.

Our car fleet consists of brand new vehicles of different capacity. A variety of models and brands can satisfy any requests for freight, depending on customer needs. We are ready to transport any volume of road transport in USA in all directions. We carry extra package protecting goods from damage. The entire cargo carried by Company Global Forwarding insured.

We guarantee safe storage to our customers.