FAQ - Global Forwarding Freight Bill Auditing & Logistics


Q. Does Global Forwarding hire out its own trucks and drivers for deliveries?
No. We act as the liaison between our carrier partners and customers who need shipping services, making sure all pick-ups and deliveries are satisfactory. Both our FTL freight and LTL transportation partners complete all pickups and deliveries.
Q. When there is a problem, why should I contact Global Forwarding instead of calling the carrier directly?
Our customer service personnel concentrate on handling freight logistics for a small group of customers. This makes for more personalized service from the local office. As a result, thanks to our carrier relationships with top freight forwarding companies, Global Forwarding can often call the carrier's station directly and work out a problem more quickly than if you called the carrier's toll-free number on your own.
Q. Why should I switch from UPS to Global Forwarding?
Global Forwarding has been able to help many former UPS customers save money on their regional, national, and freight shipping costs -- an average of 20%. Our local customer service and the great rates and exemplary delivery record of our partner, DHL, have convinced many to switch service with no regrets.
Q. Why should I ship through Global Forwarding instead of going directly to a carrier?
We maintain partnerships with major carriers such as DHL which make it possible for us to handle nearly one million shipments per month. We also offer a full range of shipping solutions, from overnight letters and expedited air shipments to FTL and LTL carrier options. You receive only one invoice, even if you use multiple carriers. We even offer freight bill auditing, which means your freight bills will be audited before you receive them. Finally, we pride ourselves on offering personalized customer service from a local company. Global Forwarding representatives strive to always be available and accountable to you, as we will work hard to be your trusted shipping advisors.


Q. Do you offer heavy freight services?
Yes. We have an extensive network of freight partners ready to assist you in getting your shipments to their destinations, whether you need truck, air, or ocean freight logistics.
Q. If I fill in Shipment Value on the Freight Manager details of the shipment, will my shipment be insured?
There will be no additional insurance place on your shipment. Only the value based on the true class and weight will be used if there is a freight claim. If you need an LTL shipment to be insured, call the freight coordinator at your local Global Forwarding office for a quote.
Q. How do I know what class my item is and how does this affect my shipment?
Class refers to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) number that specifically identifies each type of product that can be shipped by a carrier. This NMFC number must be accurate on the bill of lading. This number is critical to be sure that you receive accurate pricing for what you are truck shipping. Should the carrier suspect that the weight or class of your cargo is incorrect, they will re-weigh and correctly re-class your load, which will result in a Reweigh and Inspection fee, as well as an increase in the freight cost should the correct class be higher than what was originally quoted. If you do not know what class your freight is, please contact your local Global Forwarding office for assistance.
Q. Do I need to use the Bill of lading provided by Global Forwarding?
To make certain that you receive the rate that was quoted to you, you must provide the truck driver with a copy of Global Forwarding's bill of lading. We have contracts in place with national and regional carriers. To ensure that you receive the negotiated rates and discounts, the carrier must know to bill Global Forwarding. If you choose not to use the bill of lading we provide, you must specify on the bill of lading used that all charges are to be billed to your respective Global Forwarding franchise billing address. Not doing so will result in incorrect billing or additional fees.


Q. Does DHL deliver to all destinations in the United States?
Yes, DHL delivers to every ZIP code in the United States.
Q. What DHL delivery services are available for Hawaii?
Express is the only option available for Hawaii.
Q. Does DHL offer ground service to Canada?
DHL does not currently offer this service.
Q. Do you have a pre-paid express product?
Yes. Global Forwarding offers convenient and easy DHL ShipReady products, which can be purchased for a flat rate with unlimited weight within the ShipReady packaging. To order ShipReady products, contact your local Global Forwarding office.
Q. Is there a charge for DHL supplies?
There is no charge for DHL shipping supplies when a shipment is sent using one of the Express service levels. Using DHL supplies for Ground shipments may result in added fees.
Q. Why do I have an ID Service Fee on my invoice?
It is likely because the waybill used did not have the sender's account number on it. If the "Bill Receiver" or "Bill Third Party" block was checked, the receiver's account number must be written next to that block.
Q. What is dim weight?
Dimensional weight, also called "dim weight,” is used because the space a package takes on a truck may cost the carrier more than the actual weight. You should calculate the DIM weight on every shipment, compare it to its actual weight and use the greater of the two to determine your shipping cost.
Q. How do I calculate dim weight for DHL Express Domestic shipments?
The formula is Length x Weight x Height (cubic inches) / 194 = Dimensional Weight. Example: 30" x 24" x 22" = 15,840 / 194 = 82 lbs. (round up to the nearest pound)
Q. How do I calculate dim weight for DHL Express International shipments?
The formula is L x W x H (cubic inches) / 166 = Dimensional Weight. Example: 30" x 24" x 22" = 15,840 / 166 = 96 lbs. (round up to the nearest pound)

The Ground DIM weight (figured differently from Express) is calculated by adding the length (the measurement of the longest side) to the girth (2 times height + 2 times width). For example, let's say you have a package that is 8 x 10 X 12. The length would be 12 (the longest side) and the girth would be 8 + 10 = 18 x 2, or 36. Add the length (12) to the girth (36) and you get 48 inches. This is the measurement used to figure the DIM weight.
Q. Can the driver leave a package without a signature?
DHL will not leave a package at a business without a signature, unless that business has arranged otherwise with DHL in advance. If the package is going to a residential address, it is up to the driver's discretion. If the driver feels it would be safe to leave it without one, he may do so, unless the sender has specified "Signature Required".
Q. If I printed my waybill, but did not ship the package, will I get billed for the shipment?
Yes. Unless the shipment is voided by the end of the business day, the DHL system will consider it a real shipment if your waybill is printed.
Q. How do I void shipments?
You can go to your pending shipments (under your prepare shipment tab) and click the box next to the shipments that are not going to ship and then mark void. If it is a shipment that was set to "print later", then there is no need to void, if left unprinted the shipment will automatically void at the end of the day. However, shipments that were created and printed cannot be voided after that business day. Contact your local Global Forwarding office with the waybill number so Global Forwarding can watch for it in the download and adjust it off their account.

Remember that with online programs double-clicking is not necessary. A single click on the buttons is all that is needed. You will usually receive an error message if you double-click the void buttons. This is because by the time the second click registers; the first has already had an affect, making the action from the second click obsolete (the system cannot void a shipment that has already started voiding.)
Q. Can your drivers pick up every day? How late can they pick up?
You can call when you need a pickup and have a driver come during a one-hour window Monday through Friday. For the latest pickup times, contact your local Global Forwarding office as they may be able to get the "normal" times extended.
Q. What if I don't fill in the portion of my waybill that asks for the number of pieces, the weight and the type of packaging for my shipment?
If the shipment information is incomplete, you will be billed at the default rate of 2 lbs, even if your package was only a letter. The default Ground It is your responsibility to verify that all information is completed and is as accurate as possible to avoid any additional fees.
Q. My customer wants to send me a package via DHL and I'd like it to be billed to my account number but I am not comfortable giving out my account number. What can I do?
DHL offers a service called PROD (pickup and return on demand). With this service, you provide us with the pickup address including phone number and contact name and DHL will complete the waybill for your customer so your customer never has access to your account number. Additional fees may apply.
Q. How can I avoid being charged a pick up fee?
Daily shippers can be set-up on a regular pickup. You can also use drop boxes and if you have more than 5 packages at once, the fee can be waived.
Q. Why do you bill shipments with "Unknown Receiver"?
When using pre-printed or blank waybills, it is necessary for the driver to receive the billing copy with the package as he submits these copies to the station to be sent to the billing center to enter the receiving information when billing out the shipment. If the billing department does not receive this copy, the shipment is entered as an "Unknown" and the city, state and ZIP defaults to the location of the delivery station.

The best way to avoid these "Unknown Shipments" in the future is to use online shipping solutions. These online tools ensure that your computer transmits the data to DHL. Contact your local Global Forwarding office for details.
Q.Can I ship something DHL on my account from my vendor to my customer if the vendor is not a DHL shipper?
Yes. In DHL WebShip, you can change the shipper's name and field for "billing to third party" to your account number. You can then send the label to the vendor or email it.
Q.What is the maximum size that a package can be shipped with DHL, without being charged extra?
The maximum size is 56in X 35in X 25 inches. Please note that a $5 exception handling fee may apply if the packaging is strange, heavy or of a unique material even if the dimensions are within the parameters cited above.