Top Reasons to Use Freight Calculator

It is not easy to find the best rates for freight services. There seems to be thousands of freight and shipment companies who seem to offer the same services at the same prices. This is not so, as prices vary from carrier to carriers. Perhaps, the best way to save money and time is to use an online freight calculator.

Pros of Using a Freight Calculator

As already said above, a freight calculator eliminates that need to visit web sites of freight carriers. Thus it saves much time, especially for individual customers and small businesses. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity to get the best freight rates. Global Forwarding encourages website visitors to fill out a free form to get instant quotes with the best offers from local and national carriers.

How Much Is It Possible to Save With a Freight Calculator?

Stats show that small companies pay 30-40% more for freight services as compared to large ones. Providers of instant quotes and freight calculators use their reputation and buying power to maintain relations with numerous freight carriers that have offers both for big and small customers. Global Forwarding offers free quotes with prices for freight services as per customer specification and shipment details.