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The average small to mid-sized 3PL, Forwarder or Freight Broker increases margins and efficiency immediately upon partnering with us.

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The first step is of the process it to submit an online inquiry form. One of our 3PL integration experts wiill get in touch with you right away. You'll get a one-on-one tour of our technology and software.

During this time, one of our VP's will contact you personally to discuss your background, experience, and current business model. Together, you'll decide if a partnership makes sense, and which services you want to offer to your current customers.

You'll begin comparing your current rates and discounts with the pricing that you'll be able to obtain through Global Forwarding. Our Integration team will then conduct an analysis to determine how much our rates can benefit your company.

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You'll sign a simple co-brokerage agreement to govern the shipments that move through Global Forwarding. You will not be asked to work exclusively with Global Forwarding.