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Count on extra revenue and growth from your partnership.
This partnership made my business skyrocket!
Extra revenue*
Having lower costs on LTL shipments, and a larger service area (nationwide) $52,000/year
Offering International Air shipments to my existing customers $21,000/year
Offering Ocean freight services to my existing customers $41,500/year
Saving time for my staff by having Instant online quotes $4,000/year
Saving time for my staff by having Global Forwarding handle dispatching $1,500/year
Offering Instant Ocean freight rates and booking LCL and Full Container Shipments for my clients $35,000/year
  $155,500 in Extra Revenue
Success Story

"Global Forwarding approached me in May of 2009 about working as a partner. I already had a solid book of customers, and was moving roughly 20 LTL shipments per day.

By offering my customers the LTL rates from Global Forwarding, I won more loads, brought on more customers and made more money. In 2010, I started offering Ocean and Air Freight services to my customers through Global Forwarding. I was able to generate more than $70,000 in additional revenue by adding these services to my offering - and all I had to do was start running quotes!"

*Extra Revenue figures are estimates only and will vary based on your individual client base and circumstances.