3 Ways to Lower Your Ocean Rates

Prices for shipping ocean freight containers are changing all of the time. The impact of supply and demand, the global economy and factors like a general rate increase could cause a shipper to pay more for transporting their ocean cargo. Here are three ways to lower your ocean freight shipping rates:

1) Switching from FCL to LCL or LCL to FCL: When shipping freight in a container, you might have the options of choosing to ship LCL (less than container load) instead of a FCL (full container load) depending on your shipment. LCL can offer amazing affordability advantages because there is usually a lower cost entry price. However, FCL tends to have a lower rate per cubic meter. Depending on if you are shipping FCL or LCL, you might want to consider looking at the alternative to save costs.

2) Container Pickup: One factor that determines cost is if the ocean freight carrier has to offer a service for container pickup. This service is considered door to port and it usually costs more. Perhaps a business can work with their manufacturer to ensure that they transport the container to the port in-house. This could be a cost-saver.

3) NVOCC – Working with a trusted freight forwarder or NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) can help in a big way. They have the connections with the world’s leading freight carriers to offer you the best rate possible. They can also consolidate shipments as well.

Have you explored any of these options to help lower your ocean freight rates? Try 1 or all 3 ways and you might notice lower your shipping costs.