Important Amendments to SOLAS Chapter VI, Container gross mass verifications

To protect overall safety at sea which includes the safety of ships, cargo, shore side workers and ships’ crews by ensuring that all containers have their gross mass verified prior to being loaded on board a vessel.

When does the amendment take effect?
July 1, 2016

Duties and Taxes for American Exporters


If you have overseas customers, chances are that you are very savvy when it comes to the process of exporting goods from the USA. For other companies who might be considering selling to customers Internationally, duties and taxes can be confusing and unnerving. After talking to many of our customers, the GlobalForwarding.com team identified that not understanding the import process is one of the main reasons companies sometimes hesitate to start selling product to overseas customers. This short article will provide you with an overview of what’s involved!

Larger Ships Means Larger Problems For Ports

    New vessels are being built bigger than ever and shipping lines are forming bigger alliances to make the most of them. Shipping lines are utilizing larger ships by allowing other alliance members' cargo on their vessels. However, the past few months have left container stacking areas in the quays full and overflowing. In particular Los Angeles and Long Beach have been citing struggles in handling the massive volume of empty containers during this past peak shipping season.

3 Ways to Lower Your Ocean Rates

Prices for shipping ocean freight containers are changing all of the time. The impact of supply and demand, the global economy and factors like a general rate increase could cause a shipper to pay more for transporting their ocean cargo.

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