Cyber Security at the Ports

For all of the security at ports to protect against crime, there is one area at the ports that remains liable from outside threats. This one area concerns cyber security. At today’s shipping ports, computers and technology play a major role. If a cyber terrorist or hacker were to successfully penetrate these computers, there could be numerous delays. And since these ports are responsible for billions of dollars worth of goods, then this could severely hurt our economy. Industry leaders, including freight forwarders, support more cyber security at the ports.

The Brookings Institute reported that the largest US ports are low in cyber security. Some of these ports have anti-hacker software, but not enough to face a major threat. And all of these ports lack a proper response plan to deal with such a threat. Recently, the Government Accountability Office conducted an audit that confirms the threat of danger that the ports encounter. According to the audit, there has never been a cyber risk assessment conducted and there are no federal maritime cyber security guidelines. The audit also suggested that the US Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security will need to step in and provide some assistance.

The threat of cyber terrorism is real in the 21st century, especially in the logistics industry. Those businesses that rely on ocean freight shipping for their international cargo should continue to monitor the news. Hopefully, the government will step in and provide some real cyber security at the ports for better protection.