Freight Shipping Goes Digital

Everybody is online today. Thanks to advanced computers and mobile technology, people everywhere are constantly connected and engaged in a digital world. Businesses are recognizing these trends and are investing in digital to reach their clients online. Bloomberg News recently reported on the how the international freight industry is using digital means for customers. This includes instant freight shipping quote technology.

Manufacturing and Shipping

The link between shipping and manufacturing might be one of the most important connections in the business world. To illustrate the meaning of this, let us examine a recent example. The Journal of Commerce recently repeated that the United States ports all around the Gulf of Mexico are seeing increased volume of shipments lately. The reason for the increase? According to the article, because billions of dollars are being invested now in petrochemical manufacturing construction.

Cyber Security at the Ports

For all of the security at ports to protect against crime, there is one area at the ports that remains liable from outside threats. This one area concerns cyber security. At today’s shipping ports, computers and technology play a major role. If a cyber terrorist or hacker were to successfully penetrate these computers, there could be numerous delays. And since these ports are responsible for billions of dollars worth of goods, then this could severely hurt our economy.

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