Freight Shipping Goes Digital

Everybody is online today. Thanks to advanced computers and mobile technology, people everywhere are constantly connected and engaged in a digital world. Businesses are recognizing these trends and are investing in digital to reach their clients online. Bloomberg News recently reported on the how the international freight industry is using digital means for customers. This includes instant freight shipping quote technology. People use this technology to get immediate container pricing and to book their shipment.

According to the source, the big reason for the shift to digital goes beyond customer preference. Yes, this technology helps clients receive the best price possible, by comparing different carriers. Ocean Audit, Inc claims that the shipping industry loses almost $700 million a year due to human errors when clients speak to shipping companies for pricing over the phone. Getting pricing over the phone has been the dominant way to get shipping prices for many years. Now, we see fewer uses of this practice in shipping. Some carriers today do a majority of their orders over digital means. Some carriers, have not fully switched to digital quoting, for many reasons.

The goods news is that the world’s most trusted freight forwarders have been digital for many years now. That is why clients of a freight forwarder have benefited with tremendous savings of time and money. Maybe someday carriers will go fully digital. Until then, shippers can breath a sigh of relief knowing that freight forwarders have the digital technology to make the shipping experience better for all.