Even Small Companies can Export Effectively

It is a common misconception that only large companies can thrive by exporting from the United States to foreign countries. Despite American's conflicting opinions about their own domestic products, foreign companies will look to the United States to find what is perceived to be superior quality merchandise and will expect higher standards for their products. As a result these companies will also expect a higher level of customer service and attention. You do not need to have high volume accounts nor do you need to be fluent in the local language of the country you are exporting to although it would be helpful. With current technology the marketing and documentation as well as negotiations can all be translated easily. The bigger issue is building and managing a strong relationship with your potential foreign customers. New exporters have the most trouble when they are not consistent. If you are consistent and offer these companies more attention, your export business will grow just as it would if you were selling in the United States. In order to keep foreign companies satisfied, you will need to dedicate a percentage of your production capacity and be extremely reliable with your supply dates and schedules. This will be especially true with your first few foreign customers. Even as a small company, if you keep to high standards, many other concerns will not be big issues. Once you establish your company as reputable, it will be much like your domestic customers. Also using highly regarded freight forwarders and support from other well established companies in your trade lane will set you up for a smooth transition to the foreign marketplace.