How to know if a shipping container is in good condition…

Shipping containers, both new and used, translate to big money and competition is strong. With people looking to other sources for business structures, they are turning to shipping containers.  They are using the shipping containers for everything from workshops to even living spaces. The containers are affordable, lower labor costs and are durable. Before jumping in with both feet however, you have to make sure that the container is in the proper condition.  Not all shipping containers are the same.  Here are some tips to follow when thinking about buying a containers:

  1. Find out what your container was used for before you buy.  Was the container used to ship hazardous materials? Waste? Biohazards? It is a risk because these chemicals could have had the contents splash or leak on to the floor or the walls. 
  1. Try to find out how many trips the container has made. Shorter and more trips equals more wear from loading and unloading.
  1. Where did the container go to most often? If it went from frigid temperatures to the desert, these drastic changes could cause damage such as rust and warping of the steel.
  1. Check out the rust situation on the container.  More rust translates to the container not lasting as long.  Be sure that the rust doesn’t go all the way through the container.
  1. Become familiar with how the containers are tagged and what those tags mean. For example: As Is means some use, but you can’t return it. 

A little bit of education can help ensure that you get a shipping container that will suit your needs and last for as long as you need it.