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Development Group Using Shipping Containers to Make Homes.

In Newark, NJ a development group is using eighteen shipping containers to make homes. They are going to create a multi-family dwelling on a vacant lot.  They are building it in hopes of it serving as a model for urban development for other cities across the United States.

How to know if a shipping container is in good condition…

Shipping containers, both new and used, translate to big money and competition is strong. With people looking to other sources for business structures, they are turning to shipping containers.  They are using the shipping containers for everything from workshops to even living spaces. The containers are affordable, lower labor costs and are durable. Before jumping in with both feet however, you have to make sure that the container is in the proper condition.  Not all shipping containers are the same.  Here are some tips to follow when thinking about buying a containers:

Who Would Want to Live in a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are actually progressing into an alternative home or office construction material. They are not as archaic as you may think. Modern shipping containers have come a long way since they were initially introduced as town huts and German art installations in the 1980’s.

Debris or Containers?

Everyone is deeply concerned about the story of the missing Malaysian airplane and the people on board. For sometime now, searches have been conducted in the Indian Ocean to find the missing airplane or debris. Many experts suspect that the airplane went down in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean. The emergency response division of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, also known as the AMSA, has led the search in the Indian Ocean. The AMSA issued airplanes and ocean vessels to conduct their searches.

Cleaning Ocean Shipping Containers

There are hundreds of millions of shipping containers that are transported annually. Some of the journeys of the freight across the ocean can be lengthy, and there are numerous types of cargo and commodities that can be inside of a container during the course of time. It is very important to have the ocean freight containers cleaned properly. This includes sanitizing the container between shipments and practicing good hygiene with the container.

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