ocean vessels

Dredging Ports for Large Ships

Dredging services have always played an important role in the development of our ports in the US. And in many ways, the container shipping industry would be immensely different if not for the help that dredging has played. Essentially, the dredging process involves the movement of sediments that are in or near the water and the ports.

Debris or Containers?

Everyone is deeply concerned about the story of the missing Malaysian airplane and the people on board. For sometime now, searches have been conducted in the Indian Ocean to find the missing airplane or debris. Many experts suspect that the airplane went down in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean.

Somali Piracy Decline

The threat of piracy on the ocean freight shipping industry has been profound over the past decade. The biggest piracy threat came from the shores of Somalia where pirates would intercept ocean vessels. During the years, Somali pirates would threaten the lives of the crew on the ship.

Clean Vessel Incentive Program

We all want to do our part in protecting the environment, even in the international freight shipping industry. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) might regulate emission levels from ocean vessels, but that is not enough to make a major difference. That is why major US ports are stepping up to provide better environmental standards.

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