Who Would Want to Live in a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are actually progressing into an alternative home or office construction material. They are not as archaic as you may think. Modern shipping containers have come a long way since they were initially introduced as town huts and German art installations in the 1980’s.

Shipping containers are actually excellent building materials. They are very easily assembled, durable and they drastically cut down time and labor requirements for any building project. Shipping containers can almost be put together as simple as giant Lego pieces. Just because homes and buildings can be put together with shipping containers it doesn’t mean that theses homes and building look like it.

Here are some great reasons shipping containers are used as homes or offices.

            They are eco-friendly. You can use recycled shipping containers instead of letting them rot away in a shipping lot. You are also not using up wood, which is a natural resource. This makes them economical too, because you can spend less on building materials.

            Shipping container homes or offices are fully customizable. Each room is a blank slate. Build every room in your home or office the way you want it. Shipping containers are also stackable. You can connect them to make multiple story homes or buildings. You can also remove the sides to make your rooms bigger. Not every room has to be a small rectangle.

Check out some of these homes and buildings made from shipping containers: