Is it Time to Replace Your Logistics Provider?

Is it always necessary to change shipping companies when new management begins? When people first move into a new position as a transportation manager or import and export manager, they sometimes
like to move in and clean house. This means letting go of the current logistics providers, customs brokers, and local trucking companies to replace them with those more familiar. While this can make sense for people in smaller companies, it can be a much larger shock to those in larger companies and many times it can be an unnecessary strain on the shipper's agents and contacts. Not only do they already know the shipper's business flow but many times they have a long history which can account for many helpful additional working hours at no cost. Sometimes the relationship built over several years can be worth more than starting fresh. The alternative to this is when new people are brought in because of too much inefficiency in the supply chain. Obviously this is a good time to start over. Some companies hire new management just for their contacts either domestically or abroad. This could mean that they do not trust the current freight forwarder or NVOCC and they want to shake things up. As the saying goes, "you are only as strong as your weakest link". If your freight forwarding services are lacking whether pricing, customer service or otherwise it will directly affect your supply chain. There are times that a relationship has run its course. Just beware that it can be a long road to feeling the same trust with a new logistics provider.