Lost Freight at Sea

Recently, there was news that the Danish vessel of the Svendborg Maersk faced some tough storms while at sea near the Northern area of France. By the time that the Svendborg Maersk had arrived at its destination port in Spain, it was discovered that more than 500 containers were missing, Apparently, stacks of containers were knocked overboard into the ocean when the ship encountered the harsh storm on the voyage. Some logistics experts say that this is the worst container loss at sea ever, even though there is no official record keeping of lost containers on a single vessel. Still, it is projected that hundreds of containers get lost at sea every year. Although there are millions of containers that are shipped every year that are not lost, it could still happen to any shipper at any time.

What would happen if one of your containers was lost at sea? After all, as long as the weight of the containers continues to be a major factor that causes ships to receive damage or loss of cargo, then this could happen at any time. When you are shipping ocean freight overseas, you need some protection. Cargo insurance can help protect you to ensure that certain losses are covered in case the freight gets lost at sea. These type of insurance polices can be very valuable to have. You can speak to your trusted freight forwarder to discuss the different ways to keep cargo safe and how to sign up for freight insurance.