Reading The Fine Print on Ocean Freight Rates

Finding the right ocean freight carrier used to be a challenge for shippers. Back in the day, shippers would have to open the phone book and contact carriers individually to find the best shipping deal that fits their needs. Today, shippers have an easier way to find the right carriers. The best freight forwarders are partnering with the leading carriers Worldwide to offer great deals for shippers.

Lost Freight at Sea

Recently, there was news that the Danish vessel of the Svendborg Maersk faced some tough storms while at sea near the Northern area of France. By the time that the Svendborg Maersk had arrived at its destination port in Spain, it was discovered that more than 500 containers were missing, Apparently, stacks of containers were knocked overboard into the ocean when the ship encountered the harsh storm on the voyage.

Containership Reliability

Usually when a shipper speaks to a freight forwarder about booking their shipments, total price is certainly a major point or the most important point that the shipper cares about. While a lower shipping rate does have its business benefits, you should never have to sacrifice the quality of the service. The reason for this is because it is important your ocean freight container arrives safely and on time.

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