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Passage of the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015

This past week, the AAPA, the American Association of Port Authorities applauded the U.S.

Towage Charges

Shippers can be hit with surcharges from time to time, meaning your ocean freight rate might be more expensive. Most surcharges for international freight shipping might seem unnecessary, but most of the time they occur because of added expenses that the shipping companies have to cover. Many shippers work with a trusted freight forwarder to help navigate around surcharges.

Celebrating the Panama Canal

There is a special anniversary this year in the world of international freight shipping. The Panama Canal celebrates its 100th Anniversary this summer. The Panama Canal has been a tremendous component of global trade for the United States, and other nations in the World. In many ways, the shipping industry would be very different if not for the Panama Canal, which connected the East and the West through ocean trade.

Trade Sanctions & Imports from Russia

Recently in the news, the United States issued more sanctions against Russia. These sanctions are a direct result of the recent incident with Ukraine and Crimea. Usually in these types of situations, sanctions could diminish trade activity between two nations. Carriers and freight forwarders worldwide want to avoid harsh trade situations. There is good news however.

March Madness of Shipping

When you hear the phrase ‘March Madness’, most people assume that you are talking about sports. However, they could also be talking about the exciting World of international freight shipping. After all, the best way to describe this March 2014 in shipping would be ‘Madness’, because of all of the crazy news that is circulating around the shipping world.

Reading The Fine Print on Ocean Freight Rates

Finding the right ocean freight carrier used to be a challenge for shippers. Back in the day, shippers would have to open the phone book and contact carriers individually to find the best shipping deal that fits their needs. Today, shippers have an easier way to find the right carriers. The best freight forwarders are partnering with the leading carriers Worldwide to offer great deals for shippers.

Shipping with Russia

Russia is emerging as a growing nation involved in international trade. Those shippers involved in international freight shipping should take notice of Russia and their growing role in the global market. In 2012, Russia finally entered the World Trade Organization (WTO). Since then, Russia has become a top 10 trading nation with export shipping.

Containership Reliability

Usually when a shipper speaks to a freight forwarder about booking their shipments, total price is certainly a major point or the most important point that the shipper cares about. While a lower shipping rate does have its business benefits, you should never have to sacrifice the quality of the service. The reason for this is because it is important your ocean freight container arrives safely and on time.

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