Shipping with Russia

Russia is emerging as a growing nation involved in international trade. Those shippers involved in international freight shipping should take notice of Russia and their growing role in the global market. In 2012, Russia finally entered the World Trade Organization (WTO). Since then, Russia has become a top 10 trading nation with export shipping. In terms of ocean freight shipping, Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, located on the Black Sea, is Russia’s largest seaport. Spanning 11 different time zones, Russia’s largest ocean border is the Arctic Ocean. Very few ports are on the Arctic Ocean. The Northern Sea Route for shipping is through the Arctic Ocean, and the vessels there have to navigate through this cold and icy body of water.

The lead export market and import market for Russia is the European Union. In recent years, trade between the US and Russia has developed. Trade talks emerged after the end of the Cold War. In 2012, talks between US President Obama and Russian President Medvedev improved trade. Currently, the US imports more than we export from Russia. This used to be a trade imbalance of a 4-1 deficit, and now it is getting closer to 2-1. In 2013, the US import total from Russia was $26,961,500. The export total that year was $11,164,000, which is a new record. For businesses that are interested in shipping to the expanded market of Russia, speaking to a trusted freight forwarder can help. They can provide advice and rates to help improve your shipping plans with Russia.