Reading The Fine Print on Ocean Freight Rates

Finding the right ocean freight carrier used to be a challenge for shippers. Back in the day, shippers would have to open the phone book and contact carriers individually to find the best shipping deal that fits their needs. Today, shippers have an easier way to find the right carriers. The best freight forwarders are partnering with the leading carriers Worldwide to offer great deals for shippers. And all of these deals can be conveniently found on their instant container quote software. This special software is found online and allows shippers to instantly compare prices from leading carriers. The rates are based on the type of shipment you have (LCL or FCL) and the destination port.

When you receive the different prices from the carriers online, it is important to read the fine print next to the rates. When you have all of the rates listed, there could be special rules and exclusions for each carrier. For example, the rate you receive may or may not apply to a Freight All Kinds shipment. Sometime the rate a shipper receives is subject to the final approval of the carrier. The deal might also only allow shippers to place one commodity per each container. And sometimes the deal could include or exclude household items, vehicles, personal items, waste paper, scrap metal, lumber, hazardous materials and alcoholic beverages. That is why all shippers should always carefully review the terms and conditions from the carrier when they receive an international freight shipping quote online.