New Entrant Safety Assurance Program

When a shipper fills out the required shipping information to receive an instant freight trucking quote, they might often receive prices from many different leading carriers across the US. Immediately, the shipper might be concerned if all of these trucking carriers can safely ship freight by truck. The good news is that freight forwarders only work with reputable, trustworthy and safe carriers. There is a reason for this. In order for a carrier to participate in interstate commerce, they must first pass federal safety regulations. The Department of Transportation and the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) are behind these safety requirements.

Essentially, in order for a carrier or an owner/operator to ship freight by truck, they must first pass the New Entrant Safety Assurance Program. Inside of this program there are 16 regulations that each trucking company must follow. For example, the truck company must have at least the minimum financial coverage in order to be on the road. The vehicles that the trucking carrier drive should not be out of service for repairs and they should pass vehicle inspections. In terms of truck drivers, they must each have a commercial drivers license. The company needs to also give drug tests and alcohol tests to all drivers; any driver that failed cannot be on the road.

After completing the New Entrant Safety Assurance Program, trucking companies either pass, or they fail and must make immediate corrections in order to stay on the road. These regulations help make the roads safer and freight shipments safer as well.