ship freight by truck

New Entrant Safety Assurance Program

When a shipper fills out the required shipping information to receive an instant freight trucking quote, they might often receive prices from many different leading carriers across the US. Immediately, the shipper might be concerned if all of these trucking carriers can safely ship freight by truck. The good news is that freight forwarders only work with reputable, trustworthy and safe carriers. There is a reason for this.

Patterns of Safety Violations Rule

Protecting freight in transit should be the most important objective in the trucking industry. After all, your business depends on freight trucking for transportation, and it would detrimental to your supply chain if that safety was compromised on the truck. Insurance for protection would be an additional cost with the trucking rate. That is why if the industry lets safety issues continue to threaten freight and the people on the road, something must be done.

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