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Trucking Safety in the Hands of New Regulations

In light of recent news, the trucking industry might have to embrace for new regulations. This is news that all shippers should watch closely. Before we delve into the proposed laws and their implications on trucking, we need to look at the current state of trucking safety. 13% of commercial truck accidents involve truck driver fatigue. In 2012, accidents with large trucks on the road involved 3,900 deaths and thousands of other people injured. This is a sore spot in trucking.

New Trucking Fuel Efficiency Rules

In the past year, there are have been some carriers in the trucking industry who question certain regulations from the Federal Government, most notably the hours of service rules for truck drivers. However, there is recent news from the Federal Government, directly from President Obama, that has most people in the industry happy to hear. The news involves upcoming trucking fuel efficiency rules that would force higher mileage requirements for commercial trucks.

Trucking During The Winter

Trucking companies who transport LTL and FTL freight run on a precise schedule for pick-ups and drop-offs. The same could be said about all truck drivers everyday. During the winter months in certain regions of the United States, the daily schedules of truck drivers could be dangerously impacted due to the impending cold weather and winter snowstorms.

Patterns of Safety Violations Rule

Protecting freight in transit should be the most important objective in the trucking industry. After all, your business depends on freight trucking for transportation, and it would detrimental to your supply chain if that safety was compromised on the truck. Insurance for protection would be an additional cost with the trucking rate. That is why if the industry lets safety issues continue to threaten freight and the people on the road, something must be done.

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