New Trucking Fuel Efficiency Rules

In the past year, there are have been some carriers in the trucking industry who question certain regulations from the Federal Government, most notably the hours of service rules for truck drivers. However, there is recent news from the Federal Government, directly from President Obama, that has most people in the industry happy to hear. The news involves upcoming trucking fuel efficiency rules that would force higher mileage requirements for commercial trucks. In essence, the trucks could have to supply 8 more miles per gallon for an increased efficiency standard.

Obama’s plan for higher fuel standards on trucking has a bit of a timetable. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the Department of Transportation will inform trucking carriers about the new changes by 2015, and the hope is that the standards will go into law by 2016. After 2018, new trucks will have to use new technologies for better fuel efficiency.

The impact of these standards is expected to be positive. With lower fuel emissions, the environmental benefits will be numerous. With high fuel standards on the vehicles, trucking companies will see thousands of dollars of savings annually. Less foreign oil will be consumed. Lower fuel expenses might also mean lower freight trucking rates. Economically, this news is good and will help the trucking industry in a big way. It could also benefit numerous shippers as well. If you are curious to discover the impact of these new rules for your business, speak to a trusted freight forwarder for more information.