Trucking During The Winter

Trucking companies who transport LTL and FTL freight run on a precise schedule for pick-ups and drop-offs. The same could be said about all truck drivers everyday. During the winter months in certain regions of the United States, the daily schedules of truck drivers could be dangerously impacted due to the impending cold weather and winter snowstorms. Ever when a shipper receives a freight trucking quote and books the shipment, there could be time delays during the winter months.

It is estimated that harsh weather causes up to $3.5 Billion worth of expenses in the trucking industry every year. In addition to the cost, there is also a substantial loss of time involved. The reason for the loss in time stems from the road closures and the resulting traffic that is found during the winter months. These road closures can be particularly awful in the large metropolitan areas. Part of the problem stems from the issue of road safety. If there are untreated roads and harsh snow, then it could be especially dangerous to drive a freight truck on these roads. Therefore, because of these driving conditions, it will take longer for a truck to arrive at a location in the snow.

These types of trucking delays during the winter could be a logistics nightmare for a business. That is why you should plan out your winter shipping strategies with a trusted freight forwarder. Through these discussions, you will develop a unique plan that fits your needs and your budget.