Why Many Truck Drivers Might Soon Retire?

In late 2016, there is expected to be a new mandate for truck drivers. The mandate, which is enforced and implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, calls for trucks to install an Electronic Logging Device. This is also known as an E-Log. The Electronic Logging Device is used for keeping track of the hours of driving. The American Trucking Association, and other organizations and companies, such as freight forwarders nationwide, support this mandate. This mandate applies to those truck drivers who log driving data by paper. The cost of the Electronic Logging Device is projected to be about $165- $832 per truck, and these devices have new advanced technologies.

Many truck drivers are furious to say the least about the new Electronic Logging Device mandate. A new survey discovered that 52% of carrier drivers and 71% of independent drivers would retire or quit their jobs if this mandate becomes official. This is a threat that the trucking industry should not take lightly. Truck drivers, who are already in shortage, are not pleased with some of the new hours of service rules. Only 2% of independent drivers currently use an Electronic Logging Device. Many truck drivers view the Electronic Logging Device mandate as bothersome.

If all of these truck drivers were to suddenly quit their jobs, this would leave a wide hole in the trucking world. This would shift the supply and demand of shipping. Trucking rates would increase. Shippers should keep a close eye on this developing issue in the industry.