American Trucking Association

Trucking Leads Freight Industry

When a shipper speaks to a freight forwarder about helping with logistics, there are several options for shipping. The options are shipping by ocean, by air, by rail and by truck. More often in the US, it seems that trucking has been the dominant form of transportation. This is a trend that continued to grow last year.

Why Many Truck Drivers Might Soon Retire?

In late 2016, there is expected to be a new mandate for truck drivers. The mandate, which is enforced and implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, calls for trucks to install an Electronic Logging Device. This is also known as an E-Log. The Electronic Logging Device is used for keeping track of the hours of driving.

Truck Driver Shortage

The US trucking industry as we know it might soon change forever. The American Trucking Association reports that there are currently 25,000 vacant truck driver positions. The study also projects that there will be 330,000 open truck driver jobs over the next decade. For shippers, this may not seem like serious news.

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