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Iranian Cargo Line Makes First Delivery To Europe in 5 years

IRISL, an Iranian based cargo line has made its first delivery to a European port in 5 years. Due to international sanctions, the line was not permitted to dock in Europe. With the sanctions lifted, several European and US shipping companies have started taking bookings destined for Iran and have added the Iranian port of Kharg Island as a stop on some sailings. IRISL has started shipping services between Europe and Iran on weekly schedule, but in a few months, it plans to expand to include ports in South and North America, with an expected volume of 6000 TEUs.

Philadelphia, Miami and Seattle named Major Players for Global Trade

20 global metropolises have been named to become “major players in the network for global trade” according to a report from real-estate brokerage CBRE Inc. Among the list of global logistic hubs are U.S cities Philadelphia, Miami and Seattle.

Logistic hubs benefit from pro-trade policies, infrastructure investment and direct connections to both growing populations of consumers and manufacturing centers, said CBRE’s head of U.S. industrial research, David Egan. “They’re places where cargo and people come together.”

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