international shipping industry

U.S. Plans LNG Dominance

The United States is ready to flood the world with once unthinkable amounts liquefied natural gas. It should change the geopolitics of global energy and be a major threat to the Russian gas dominance in Europe.

Drone Cargo Ships

The future is here in the international shipping industry, or at least it could be here eventually. Recently, there is news that Rolls-Royce is developing container vessels that are operated by drones. In the logistics field, companies have been considering the use of drones for years now, but this news could escalate the drones issue to a higher level. Without question, if the ocean freight industry switched to vessels that were operated by drones, this could forever change the shipping world.

Bulk Carrier

When a shipper orders a vessel for the purpose of shipping ocean freight, there could be numerous vessels that are used. One type of ship that has been used in the international shipping industry for many years has been the bulk carrier. Essentially, the bulk carrier is a vessel that specializes in transporting bulk cargo. If a shipment is not packed neatly in a container, and is loose while in transit, then it is considered to be bulk cargo.

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