ocean freight vessels

Low Sulfur Fuel for Shipping

Lowering the emissions from ocean freight vessels is an obligation that everyone in the industry, including freight forwarders, must respect. After all, protecting the environment is important. In the coming years, there will be new laws that shipping entities must follow in order to respect our environment. One of these laws is slated to take place in 2015. This particular law will impact the fuel for ships.

Slow Steaming Technology

A few weeks ago, MAN Diesel & Turbo revealed their MAN EcoCam, with a unique technology used for ocean freight vessels. In essence, this engineering equipment alters the exhaust-valve timing and results in 2-5 g/kw fuel savings for the carrier. The Man EcoCam continues to facilitate a vessel for slow steaming. A lot has been said about slow steaming, and it is great to have technology companies and even freight forwarders support this popular practice.

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