Philadelphia, Miami and Seattle named Major Players for Global Trade

20 global metropolises have been named to become “major players in the network for global trade” according to a report from real-estate brokerage CBRE Inc. Among the list of global logistic hubs are U.S cities Philadelphia, Miami and Seattle.

Logistic hubs benefit from pro-trade policies, infrastructure investment and direct connections to both growing populations of consumers and manufacturing centers, said CBRE’s head of U.S. industrial research, David Egan. “They’re places where cargo and people come together.”

Shipping Freight to Mexico - Your Guide

Does your company have suppliers, vendors or customers in Mexico? Do you sometimes pass on business because it will invovle shipping to Mexico? If so, you can't miss this important information about how you can start taking advantage of handling shipments to or from the Mexico. Many companies find that they're overpaying by allowing suppliers and vendors to route their shipments when they take a few minutes to obtain quotes themselves. Both Full Truckload and LTL shipments can carry large markups without the receiver knowing.


Shipments from the United States to Canada

When planning to ship freight from the U.S. to Canada, four over land options exist. Shipments can be moved by Full Truckload, Less than Truckload (LTL), Intermodal (rail) or by a dedicated truck called a "hot shot". Because cross border shipmetns can be more complicated and expensive than domestic shipments, some extra care should be used when obtaining quotes and planning the shipment. Here are some more details about each of the four options:

Insurance Against Cargo Theft

While you might not hear about cargo theft on the news very often, it's happening all the time. Cargo trucks or trains with branded goods like consumer electronics, are attacked as often as once per week around the world. Many of these events occur in Asia or the Middle East, and separately, in Italy as part of organized crime. In both cases, thieves often use heavy weapons and threats of violence to hijack freight. Cargo theft surged over 300% from 2008 to 2014, raising alarm bells around the global logistics industry.

October's Decline in Freight Volumes

Consumption of diesel fuel in the United States has leveled off this year, after two consecutive years of strong demand. Experts say that this slowdown in usage mirrors the slowdown we've seen in inland freight movement, and the larger slowdown in shipping worldwide, compared to 2013 and 2014. Reasons for the slowdown include the strong US dollar and the a slowdown in economies like China and Brazil. The number of empty shipping containers which are returning to Asia has been increasing steadily in the last few months.

Duties and Taxes for American Exporters


If you have overseas customers, chances are that you are very savvy when it comes to the process of exporting goods from the USA. For other companies who might be considering selling to customers Internationally, duties and taxes can be confusing and unnerving. After talking to many of our customers, the team identified that not understanding the import process is one of the main reasons companies sometimes hesitate to start selling product to overseas customers. This short article will provide you with an overview of what’s involved!

Air Cargo Screening

Traditionally, security checks for air cargo shipments are performed by trained dogs and security officers. The increase in global air cargo over the past decade, however, has presented an increased need for additional security systems to screen cargo. Systems that are being used today include X-Rays and other explosive scanning devices. In the last 6 years. the TSA has expanded its use of canine detection teams, which conduct primary and secondary screening of air cargo. While all cargo is screened, the emphasis is on freight which will be moved on passenger airliners.

Crisis in Europe Affects Supply Chain

The refugee crisis in certain European countries is having a significant impact on logistics. Rates have increased and air freight has become a true alternative for many shippers of time-sensitive freight. Because some borders and entry points have been closed over the past month, there have been scores of cargo trucks unable to make deliveries, and forced to wait while congestion and extended security checks take their toll on the transportation infrastructure.

In 2015, fast delivery is the name of the game

A recent study of American shoppers revealed that online shoppers from 20 years old into their mid-thirties expect to have same day shipping as an option when they make purchases online. While veterans of the e-commerce world probably are not surprised at these numbers, they do point to a large gap between what many online shoppers want and what giant, traditional retailers are used to. Online giants like Amazon have changed the playing field with expeditious picking and shipping of orders from a network of geographically placed warehouses, and next day small parcel shipping options.

Australia considers major undertaking in Intermodal rail system

Australia’s domestic freight task is expected to triple from its current size by 2050. There is a concerted industry push to increase rail’s share of the growing freight transport task through productivity and customer focused initiatives. As a result, major additions to the inland transportation hub are being planned to accommodate the uptick in rail volumes.

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